Removing tomato skin | தக்காளி தோல் உரித்தல்

Removing tomato skin | தக்காளி தோல் உரித்தல் explains to remove tomato skin without cooking it fully. Tomato skins makes a problem in many recipes. It is a nuisance while eating too. I have given many tips about storing vegetables, green chillies, ginger, green peas and grated coconut.

We usually remove skin from potatoes and brinjals after cooking it fully. But here the method is different. We remove skin without cooking it fully. We just put in boiling water for one minute. Today’s tip is to remove skin from tomato.  This will be of great help when you prepare a sauce or purée with tomatoes. Try following the below steps.

Step 1:

To remove tomato skin put the tomatoes in boiling water for one minute

Step 2:

At once transfer it to cold water.

Step 3:

Now make a cut, in the bottom of the tomato, that is the side opposite to the stalk portion of the fruit and peel off the skin with your hands or knife.

This method is known as shock treatment for tomatoes. ? You can use this method to remove skin especially when you make tomato purée or sauce.

Try this method of removing tomato skin and give me your feed back. I am waiting for your comments regarding this.

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