Sathu maavu preparation | Homemade Health mix

Sathu maavu preparation or Homemade Health mix Is prepared with multi millets. This multi millets powder is called as “sathu maavu” in tamil. It is an energy mix powder and we can prepare this easily at home and store for few months. Using this health mix powder we can make porridge in sweet or savory version, dosa or ladoo and serve as breakfast or as evening snacks, which is healthy and nutritious for everyone including kids and elders. Similarly we can also prepare this health mix powder by making sprouts of these millets and drying in sunlight. Click health benefits for more information about the health mix powder. Now let us see how to prepare this health mix powder in easy steps. I have given below the ingredients name in english and also in tamil.

Sathu maavu preparation – Ingredients:-

  • pearl millet / kambu – 150 gms
  • ragi / keppai – 250 gms
  • ground nut / nilakkadalai – 50 gms
  • brown rice / kai kuthal arisi – 50 gms
  • yellow corn / makka cholam – 50 gms
  • red rice / mattai arisi – 50 gms
  • horse gram / kollu paruppu – 50 gms
  • chana dal / kondai kadalai – 50 gms
  • cashw nuts / mundhiri paruppu – 50 gms
  • almonds / badam – 50 gms
  • foxtail millet / thinai – 50 gms
  • wheat / godhumai – 50 gms
  • green gram / paasi payaru – 100 gms
  • dry ginger / sukku – 3 pieces

Sathu maavu preparation – Method:-

1. First of all dry roast all the ingredients one by one. In case of ragi roast little by little or else it will burn.

2. Pearl millet will pop up when roasted and as a result you will see white pops coming out in it. You can see those pops in the photo below. Do not burn any ingredients rather stop roasting when you get a nice aroma.

Roasted and spread in plates to cool down.

3. Secondly spread the roasted millets in plates because the millets should be cooled to room temperature.

4. Importantly do not roast badam and dry ginger but remove the skin from dry ginger.

5. Finally when the millets were cooled to room temperature, mix all ingredients together and further grind it in a rice mill and therefore we will get a nice powder. After that store this health mix powder in a container and use when ever needed.

Sathu maavu preparation | Homemade Health mix
Sathu maavu preparation | Homemade Health mix – Health mix ready at home

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