Salted Lemon Pickle recipe| Nimbu | எலுமிச்சை உப்பு ஊறுகாய்

Salted Lemon Pickle recipe | Nimbu | எலுமிச்சை உப்பு ஊறுகாய் is one of the oldest way of preparing pickle at Chettinad. You can prepare this pickle in large quantities and store in big “Jaadis” and in those days it helped people a lot when they lived without refrigerators. This type of lemon pickle is served as a side dish for rice (kanji) which will be of wonderful taste and flavour.

We do not add water or oil in this pickle and it is the only pickle which is good for health. This pickle lasts for many years. It is very easy to prepare and we can prepare this pickle in large quantity and store, when we get lots of lemons from our garden.

The ingredients which we use are only lemon  and salt. Once when it is ready to consume after a month or two, we can take some small quantity and pour boiled and cooled water and keep it in sunlight for two days and preserve. You can take few quantity and spice it with red chilly powder and fenugreek seeds / vendhayam.

Salted Lemon Pickle recipe – Ingredients:- 
  • lemon / elumichai / nimbu – 20 numbers
  • sea salt / kal uppu – 1 kg
  • glass jar or ceramic jar
Salted Lemon Pickle recipe – Method of preparation:-

1. Firstly make a slit in lemon in one side, and other half in opposite direction on the other side. So that the lemon will be in full and we see only the divisions on both sides as shown in the photo.

Cut lemon

2. Secondly fill both the slits with kal uppu as much as possible. Similarly fill all the lemons with salt. I have shown one in the below photo and you may understand the way of filling.

Lemon filled with kal uppu

3. Thirdly store it in glass or ceramic jars. Ceramic jar can be covered with a thin muslin cloth and tied tightly around the rim with a thread so that it will help to protect the pickle from dust and at the same time it gets air circulation. No need to add any water or oil.

4. You can keep this jar in sunlight and the lemons can be interchanged from top to bottom once in 10 days. Lemons will become soft and edible in 2 months. No need to add any water or oil. This pickle last for two to three years.

Salted Lemon Pickle recipe | Nimbu | எலுமிச்சை உப்பு ஊறுகாய்
Salted Lemon Pickle recipe | Nimbu | எலுமிச்சை உப்பு ஊறுகாய்

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