Ragi | keppai kool recipe | கேப்பை கூழ் | அம்மன் பிரசாதம்

Ragi | keppai kool | கேப்பை கூழ் | அம்மன் பிரசாதம் is popular in Tamil Nadu at all Amman temples. Aadi month is celebrated as a special month and the 1st day of the aadi month was celebrated as aadi pirappu, with maavilakku, a special payasam with coconut milk and vadai for the goddess. People put big kolams / rangoli and tie mango leaf torans in the entrance.

Aadi chevai / tuesday  and aadi velli / fridays were also celebrated in Amman temples. We celebrate 18th day as “aadi perukku” especially by the people who live near river banks, its branches and tributaries. We pray for the peace, prosperity and happiness of people, tie yellow threads on hands and float lamps and flowers in running water.

Aadi pooram is for goddess Aandal and if it falls on a Friday, it is highly auspicious and we worship in a more special way. ‘Aadi amavasai’ and ‘aadi kiruthigai’ were celebrated for Lord Murugan.

We used to prepare ragi / keppai   kool and distribute as Prasadham in Amman temples on aadi chevai days. Some people in Tamil Nadu says this recipe as ‘aadi kool’. But we people of Chettinad will not say it as ‘aadi kool’ because we have another delicious sweet of Chettinad as Chettinad Aadikool   and we also call it as ‘kumayam’ which we prepare with urad dal flour. Even more recipes with ragi are Ragi noodles Upma and Homemade Health mix.

Ragi / keppai has numerous health benefits. Ragi is loaded with calcium and iron and so it is good for anemic patients. It helps you in controlling diabetes and skin aging. Today we will see how to prepare this ragi / keppai kool following the easy method given below.

Ragi | keppai kool – Ingredients:-
  • ragi / keppai flour – 1 cup
  • raw rice / pacharisi – 1/4 cup (powderded coarsly  in a mixie)
Ragi flour and rice flour
  • sambar onions / pearl onions / chinna vengayam – 4. (Chopped)
  • green chilly / pachai milagai – 1 (finely chopped)
  • curry leaves / karuvepilai – few (finely chopped)
  • curd / thayir – 1 cup
  • salt – to taste
Chopped green chilly, onion, curry leaves and curd
Ragi | keppai kool – Method of preparation:-

1. Firstly whisk ragi flour with 3 cups of water in a container and keep aside.

Whisking ragi

2. On the other hand whisk rice flour in one cup of water in a thick bottom pan and bring to boil. Stir well using a ladle without forming lumps.

Whisking rice flour
Boiling rice flour with water

3. Further when rice flour is cooked it becomes thick and at this stage add ragi flour in water with salt and stir in medium flame without forming lumps. When ragi is also cooked well and turns dark in colour and becomes thick, switch off the stove and cool down.

After ragi gets cooked

4. Mean while whisk curd with enough water. When the kool is warm, add whisked curd, chopped onion and curry leaves. If you prepare in large quantities grind green chillies instead of chopping.

Curd and chopped onion and curry leaves added
Ready to serve kool

5. Finally you can take this kool to Amman temples for Pooja and serve as prasadham in tumblers. At home we can serve with “puzhikuzhambu”  or paruppu thuvaiyal..

Ragi | keppai kool | கேப்பை கூழ் | அம்மன் பிரசாதம்
Ragi | keppai kool | கேப்பை கூழ் | அம்மன் பிரசாதம்

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