Radish salad recipe | Mulangi salad

Radish salad recipe | Mulangi salad is a healthy salad prepared with raw radish, cucumber and onion. We add salt, sugar, white vinegar, garlic and extra virgin olive oil for preparing this salad. Radish is called as “Mulangi” in tamil and as “mooli” in Hindi. Radishes are root vegetables grown and consumed throughout the world. Radishes are of many varieties. They differ in colour and shape according to the season when they are grown and the area where they grow.  They are pink, red, white, yellow or grey-black and the roots are round or elongated. I have shared the photos of few varieties of radishes below.

Radish varieties
Radish varieties

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Now let us see how to prepare salad using raw radish.

Radish salad recipe – Ingredients:- (200 ml cup used) 
  • radish / mulangi / mooli – 1 cup (sliced)
  • cucumber / vellarikkai – 1/2 cup (sliced)
  • onion / vengayam – 1/2 cup (sliced)
Radish salad recipe – Other ingredients:-
  • salt – 1/2 tsp
  • extra virgin olive oil – 1/2 tsp (can be substituted with fresh coconut oil)
  • white vinegar – 1/2 tsp
  • sugar – 1/2 tsp
  • garlic / poondu – 1 (chopped)
Radish salad recipe – Method of preparation:-

1. Scrap the skin and slice the vegetables radish, cucumber and onion into circular pieces.

Sliced vegetables
Sliced vegetables

2. Add half a tsp of salt to sliced radish and keep it for 5 minutes. Juice will separate. Remove the separated juice and add the sliced radish to sliced cucumber and onion in the bowl.

Juice separated from radish slices after adding salt
Juice separated from radish slices after adding salt

3. Now take all the other ingredients extra virgin olive oil, white vinegar, sugar and garlic in a cup and whisk it till sugar dissolves completely.

Ingredients mixed together
Ingredients mixed together

4. Pour it into the sliced vegetables and toss it till it mixes well. Refrigerate for one hour and serve chilled.

Radish salad recipe | Mulangi salad
Radish salad recipe | Mulangi salad

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