Poondu Oorugai | Garlic Pickle recipe | பூண்டு ஊறுகாய்

Poondu Oorugai | Garlic pickle recipe | பூண்டு ஊறுகாய் is one of the tastiest pickle, which every one likes. Unlike other pickles, this garlic pickle can be used as a side dish, for idli, dosa, chappathi’s and rice, when we do not have time to prepare any other side dish.

This garlic pickle is one of the best side dish that can be carried while travelling, along with idlis, roti or rice. It lasts long for any number of days. It is a good lunch box recipe too when you go short of time in preparing a food. So I used to prepare this pickle often, as soon as it is over.

This oorugai / pickle helps in digestion as it contains two digesting agents lemon juice and garlic. Poondu Oorugai can be used without adding preservative and without refrigeration for nearly six months. It is good for everyone from kids to elders. Try this recipe following the instructions given and enjoy its taste.


  • lemon / naarthangai juice- 2cups
Lemon/naarthangai juice
  • Garlic / poondu – 2cups
Skin removed garlic ready to prepare pickle
  • Red chillies / vara milagai – 1 cup,
  • Cumin seeds / seeragam – 3 tsp,
  • Fenugreek seeds / vendhayam – 3tsp,
  • Asafoetid / perungayam – 1/2tsp,
  • Sea salt / kal uppu – 1/2cup,
  • Coriander powder / malli podi – 3tsp,
  • turmeric powder / manjal thool – 1/4 tsp,
  • Gingely oil / nal ennai – 3/4 cup,
  • Jaggery / vellam – 2 lemon size
Broken Vellam
  • Mustard seeds / kadugu – 1 tsp.


1. Dry roast red chillies, fenugreek seeds , cumin seeds & salt.

Roasted red chillies, fenugreek, cumin and salt

2. Cool down to room temperature and grind the roasted spices dry in a mixie.

Ground powder of spices

3. Boil oil in a pan, put mustard seeds & asafoetida and when it splutters pour lemon /naarthangai juice and let it boil.

4.  Now add the masala slowly and let it boil for 4-5 minutes. Switch off the stove and add garlic and jaggery. (Break jaggery pieces using a stone) Can be used after 2 days with idli, dosa, chappathi and rice.

Poondu Oorugai | Garlic Pickle recipe | பூண்டு ஊறுகாய்
Poondu Oorugai | Garlic Pickle recipe | பூண்டு ஊறுகாய் – Poondu Oorugai ready to serve

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