Groundnut Laddu recipe | Sweet | நிலக்கடலை லட்டு

Groundnut Laddu recipe | Sweet | நிலக்கடலை லட்டு is a delicious laddu prepared during festivals specially during Diwali, by adding jaggery to groundnuts/ peanuts. It’s a very healthy recipe for everyone specially kids. We can also prepare this as modak during Vinayaka Chaturthi.

Every year for Diwali we search for different Laddu recipes as we get bored on the previous years recipe. You can include this one year or during your normal preparation of a healthy sweet. Usually we get peanut laddu’/ in shops as whole peanuts made into Laddu by binding them with jaggery syrup. This is a different one where we grind the peanuts and so it’ll be easy to chew by kids and elders. Here we do not prepare a jaggery syrup, instead we grind the jaggery together with the nuts and make balls. Try this laddu with a little difference following the method I have given below. Now let us go for the recipe.


  • Peanuts – 2 cups
  • Jaggery – 1 cup


1. We get raw peanuts in all shops and supermarkets. Buy them and take two cups of nuts for preparing this laddu. Dry roast groundnuts/ peanuts in a pan. Stop the flame when you get brown dots and skin comes out in few groundnuts.

2. Allow it to cool. Remove skin after it cools down, with your hands.

3. Grind peanuts coarsly in a mixie as shown below in the photo.

4. Add jaggery to the ground peanut in the mixie and mix once for few seconds by switching on the mixie. Transfer the contents to the bowl.

5. Now make small balls out of it. No need to add ghee or oil to the mix or grease your hands, because you have oil in groundnut itself.

6. This can be stored in a container and can be used for a month.

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