Manathakkali Vathal Preparation

Manathakkali also known as Milaguthakkali in Tamil and as Makoy in Hindi. These leaves and fruits are very helpful in curing stomach and mouth ulcers. They can be consumed fresh or can be made into Vathal and stored. This can be used when we do not get it.


fresh manathakkali kaai



  • Manathakkali kaai – 1 cup
  • Butter milk – 4 tblsp
  • Salt – 1 tblsp


1.When you purchase Manathakkali kaai in market, we used to get ripened fruits mixed with it. (You can see black fruits in the photo) Remove those black fruits and gather green ones together. Wash and pat dry using a cotton cloth.


ripened black fruits were removed and grren ones were washed and dried


2. Mix salt and butter milk (Always the proportion must be 1:4) to Manathakkali kaai well in a container. Close the lid and keep it for 4-5 hours. If you wish to dry it at 11am, prepare this at 6am. (Early morning)

3. After 5 hours remove Manathakkali kaai and spread it over a ceramic plate or any mat or ‘muram’ (do not use plastic plate).  Keep it in sunlight till the evening.


after drying in sunlight for one day

   4. If any butter milk is left out, keep it safe in the container. In the evening take it from sunlight and put it in the container with the remaining butter milk and mix well. Do not keep it open (you may get mosquitoes or flies in it) or close with a lid (you may get fungus). Tie the container using a muslin cloth or tissue with a thread, so that air passes in. Keep it over night.


tie with muslin cloth


5. Again next day buttermilk will be absorbed by the manathakkali. Spread it in the plate and dry in sunlight. Repeat this for 4 or 5 days till it dries well. All salt and buttermilk will be absorbed and dried.


manathakkali vathal


6. Store this in a container and this can be fried using little oil (because excess oil will turn dark and will be wasted) and this tastes yummy with curd rice. We can also make puzhi kuzhambu from this Manathakkali Vathal. I’ll give you the recipe soon.


Ready to use – fried manathakkali vathal


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