Kambu Kali recipe | Bajra | Pearl millet

Kambu Kali recipe | Bajra | Pearl millet is prepared from Kambu which is rich in iron and calcium and vitamin B-complex. Due to the growing awareness of nutritional benefits of bajra, these days people are trying to include bajra in their diet. So bajra now became a part of healthy diet.

Kambu  also known as ‘Pearl millet’ or ‘Bajra’ is a very nutritious grain. In Tamil Nadu Kambu sadham, Kambu adai and kambu kali were prepared for breakfast. Consuming kambu kali keeps the farmers energetic without hunger for many hours. It also keeps the body cool in spite of their hard labour full day in the hot sun. So it is the healthiest food during summer in order to cool down the body temperature.

Kambu Kali is one of the popular recipe in most of Tamil nadu families. This tastes great with fish or karuvaattu kuzhambu. You can also consume along with buttermilk and fresh sambar onions. This makes your body cool during summer. Let’s see how to prepare kambu kali.

Kambu Kali recipe – Ingredients:-
  • rice / arisi – 1/2 cup
  • Kambu flour / bajra powder – 1 cup
  • Water – as needed
  • salt – to taste
ingredients – rice and kambu flour
Kambu Kali recipe – Method of preparation:-

1. First of all boil water in a container, add rice and cook as usual.

Cooking rice in water
Cooked rice

2. Secondly mix kambu flour in water, add rice and required salt, put it in a stove and stir well using a wooden ladle. Mash it as much as possible with the ladle.

Kambu flour and cooked rice in stove

3. When it becomes thick, switch off the stove and close it for a while in other words for around five minutes.

4. Finally when it is little hot make balls of the kambu kali and serve along with fish kuzhmbu or any other puzhi kuzhambu and side dishes.

Kambu Kali recipe | Bajra | Pearl millet
Kambu Kali recipe | Bajra | Pearl millet

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