Jal jeera recipe | Pudina Coriander Lemon juice recipe

Jal jeera recipe is a common drink in Mumbai streets, which everyone will like to take often. You can also prepare this pudina drink at home and it is very easy to prepare. We use boondi to garnish which will be little crispy adds taste. Boondi should be added before consuming because it’s crispness will not be lost.

Jal jeera is a healthy drink prepared using water, cumin seeds, fresh coriander leaves, black salt and lemon juice. All the above mentioned ingredients helps in digestion and after a heavy meals you can consume such drink which will help you to digest the meals taken.

Preparation time: 10 minutes

To serve: 4 persons

 Jal jeera recipe – Ingredients:-
  • pudina – 1/2 cup
  • coriander – 1 cup
  • cumin seeds / seeragam – 1 tsp
  • black salt- 1 tblsp (can be substituted by table salt too)
  • sugar / cheeni – 2 tsp
  • amchur powder / maangai podi – 1 tsp
  • red chilly powder / milagai podi – pinch
  • lemon juice – 2 tblsp
  • tamarind pulp / puzhi – 2 tsp
  • water – 4 cups
  • ice cubes and boondi to garnish
 Jal jeera recipe – Method:-

1. Firstly grind roasted cumin seeds into a fine powder. On the other hand blend pudina and coriander separately with little water in a blender. However it is not necessary to filter it if you blend it finely.

2. Secondly take water in a large container and add the ground pudina, coriander, cumin seeds, black salt, sugar, Amchur powder, red chilly powder, lemon juice and tamarind pulp and mix well.

3. Thirdly refrigerate this Jal jeera for 2 hours. Finally garnish with ice cubes and boondhi before you serve. This drink helps in digestion. Further we prepare this drink with fresh pure herbs and so it is a very healthy drink. Serve chilled inbetween breakfast and lunch or in the evening which is the best time to have this yummy drink.

Jal jeera recipe
Jal jeera recipe

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