Chettinad Milagu podi recipe | மிளகு பொடி

Chettinad Milagu podi recipe | மிளகு பொடி a powder prepared specially in Chettinad  using Urad dal, Pepper and More milagaai (green chillies dried in hot sun along with salt and buttermilk). Milagu podi is mixed along with Ghee in hot rice and consumed. We should not grind it in machines where they grind red chillies. It may change the colour and taste of your podi.

In Chettinad in all rice mills, they’ will grind it in rice grinding machines. Or you can try to grind in your mixies at home. This milagu podi will be served in Chettinad weddings too along with ghee to mix in rice.

I will teach you first how to prepare more milagaai. It is a form of dried green chillies. Buy fresh green chillies, remove stalk and make a cut in each chilly and have it.

In another container, take butter milk and salt in a ratio of 4:1. Butter milk can be taken one tumbler for 1/4 kg of green chillies. Put green chillies in the mixture of butter milk and salt over night. Early morning spread them in sunlight and allow it to dry. If you have excess of butter milk close it and have it.

After drying for the whole day in sunlight, in the evening put it again in the remaining butter milk, mix well and close. Again next day you can dry in sunlight until chillies dry completely and changes colour completely to white as you see in the photo below. We  use these chillies to prepare this milagu podi.

Chettinad Milagu podi recipe – Ingredients:-
  • Urad dal / ulundham paruppu – 400 grams
  • More milagai / dried green chillies – 10 (green chillies soaked in salt and buttermilk and dried in sunlight)
  • Raw rice / pachai milagai – 50gms
  • Pepper / milagu – 1 tsp
  • Salt / uppu – to taste


more milagaai
Chettinad Milagu podi recipe – Method:-

1. Firstly dry roast (without oil) all the ingredients slightly till it becomes hot one by one separately.

2. Cool down the roasted ingredients to room temperature.  Secondly make it into a fine powder in a mixie or giving in a rice mill.

3. Serve along with hot rice and ghee.


Chettinad Milagu podi recipe | மிளகு பொடி
Chettinad Milagu podi recipe | மிளகு பொடி


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