Chettinad Avarai vathal preparation | அவரை வத்தல் செய்முறை

Chettinad Avarai vathal preparation explains you about the preparation of dry broad beans and store it for one year. We in chettinad used to prepare vathal with vegetables like brinjal, cluster beans, manathakkali, lady’s finger and bitter gourd during its season and store it for the whole year. This beans has numerous health benefits.

Usually in summer we get mangoes, broad beans (avaraikkaai), brinjal (katharikkaai), cluster beans (seeni avarangaai) and Lady’s fingers (vendaikkaai) abundantly at low price. It will be easy to dry in sunlight too during summer. So you can prepare these vathal and store, which can be used when you do not have vegetables at home. We have already prepared Maavathal / dry mangoManathakkali VathalMidhukku vathal

Chettinad Avarai vathal preparation – Ingredients:-
  • Avaraikkai / broad beans – 2 kg
  • tamarind / puzhi – lemon size
  • salt / uppu – 2 tblsp
Chettinad Avarai vathal preparation – Method of preparation:-

1. Firstly cut top and bottom of the broad beans  or into two halves if its too lengthy.

Avaraikkai after cutting

2. Secondly boil water in a container. Add tamarind juice extracted from lemon size tamarind and salt. Put avaraikkaai to the boiling water.

Avaraikkai in boiling water

3. Thirdly when it is half cooked remove from stove and drain water. Here I have poured in a basket to drain water.

Avaraikkai after cooking and draining water

4. Further spread broad beans individually in a mat or any other tray in sunlight. Let it dry in sunlight for the whole day.

Avaraikkai spread in mat to dry in sunlight

5. In the evening collect and save it in a container.  Again dry in sunlight on the next day morning. Colour of avaraikkai changes day by day. Continue the process for 3-4 days until you get it completely dry without any water content in the vegetable.

Avaraikkai after drying for 2 days

6. Finally you can store it in a container. You can put this vathal in hot water for 10 minutes before using. Use it for all recipes instead of fresh avaraikkaai. This will be very useful in places where we do not get fresh vegetables.

Chettinad Avarai vathal preparation | அவரை வத்தல் செய்முறை
Chettinad Avarai vathal preparation | அவரை வத்தல் செய்முறை

This vathal can be used in the following recipes

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