Aval Dosa recipe | poha | flattened rice

Aval Dosa recipe | poha | flattened rice is a different variety of dosai which you can prepare with poha or flattened rice. You can prepare this dosai for evening tiffin and this will not be very crispy as rice Dosai. It will be thicker and different like an appam. We have already prepared many varieties of dosai like

அடை தோசை,

மொறுமொறு மக்காச்சோள தோசை,

அரிசி மா தோசை,

Tomato dosai,


Kadalai Maavu dosa .

Today we are going to prepare dosai with poha which is called as Aval in Tamil. It is also known as flattened rice and poha in Hindi. Follow the method given below carefully and prepare this dosai.

Aval Dosa recipe – Ingredients:- (200 ml cup used)
  • aval / poha / flattened rice – 1 cup
  • raw rice / idly rice – 1 cup
  • green chillies – 2 number
  • asafoetida / perungaayam – 1/4 tsp
  • grated coconut – 2 tblsps
  • salt / uppu – to taste
Aval Dosa recipe – Method of preparation:-

1. Firstly wash and soak rice in water for 3 hours. Add aval to it before 15 minutes for grinding.

2. After 15 minutes put green chillies, asafoetida and little amount of rice and grind it for two minutes in a wet grinder.  When chillies were ground well, add the rest of the soaked rice and grind into a smooth batter. Add salt and mix well.

3. Secondly add grated coconut and mix again and allow it to set for 15 minutes. You can make dosa after 15 minutes.

Mixing soaked poha in grounded batter

4. After 15 minutes heat dosa pan, add 2 spoons of batter and spread it into a circle. You cannot spread this batter very light to form a thin dosa as we do with rice batter. Make a little thick dosa, sprinkle oil and close with a lid. When one side was cooked, remove lid and turn the other side. Cook on both the sides, remove from pan and serve.

Aval Dosa recipe
Aval Dosa recipe

5. Finally serve along with any chutney of your wish.

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