Aavakkai Maangai Oorugai | Cut Mango Pickle recipe

Aavakkai Maangai Oorugai | Cut Mango Pickle recipe is one of the tastiest pickle prepared with raw mango base. These raw mangoes will be very tough to cut at home. Mostly aavakkai Maangai sellers will cut after we choose the mangoes. We get cut mangoes in packets in super markets too.

My mother used to prepare pickles very well at home and distribute among my siblings and cousins. We prepare in large amount for this reason. So we learned most of the Oorugai / Pickle preparation easily from her.  This is an easy recipe to prepare at home if you follow the steps carefully.

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Aavakkai Maangai Oorugai – Ingredients:-
  • medium sized raw mangoes – 4 number (2 படி)
  • dried red chillies – 100 grams (nearly 30 number)
  • crystal salt – 100 grams
  • gingely oil / nal Ennai – 1.5 tumblers (300 ml)
  • mustard seeds – 50 grams
  • fenugreek seeds/vendhayam – 10 grams
  • asafoetida/perungaayam – 10 grams 
Aavakkai Maangai Oorugai – Method of preparation:-

1. Firstly wash and towel dry the mangoes.

2. Secondly cut into small square pieces removing the seeds and keep it in sunlight for 1-2 hours.
3. Thirdly cut dry red chillies into two and roast in 1 tea spoon of oil. Dry roast 100 gms of salt and 10 gms of fenugreek seeds separately. Now add mustard seeds to this and mix well. 
4. Further grind it into a fine powder.
5. After that take 1 big glass bowl and a small bowl to mix.

6. Add two hands full of mango pieces, add some ground powder with considerable amount of oil. Mix thoroughly and transfer to the big bowl. Same way mix all the mangoes and collect it in the big bowl.
7. Finally if any extra oil is left out pour it into the pickle. Heat 1 tea spoon of oil in a fry pan and add asafoetida and when it splutters add it to the pickle and mix it.

8. Tie a muslin cloth in the lid portion for circulation of air till mangoes get ready. Open and see daily for 5 days. If you notice any appearance of fungus, keep it in sunlight.

9. When mangoes get ready, oil floats on top, and then it can be transferred to bottles and closed.

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